The journey begins….

For a long time I have followed lots of other people’s blogs and dabbled in my own personal blog when I traveled to Rwanda for the past two years; now it is time for me to truly develop my own voice and share my voice, reflections, ideas, wonderings and just plain comments. Although I am excited to do this, I know that this is a public forum so I am a little scared to be so “out there”.

In my daily position, I do a lot of writing for the public but very little for me as a learner. Most of my reflective time occurs on my ride (either by car or bicycle) home, during running, stacking firewood, etc. So now I am venturing into the realm of being more public with my own thoughts and now who and what I represent. Scary as it is, I know that it is the right thing for me to do at this time.

I am in the process of writing my comprehensive exam as I work towards my Ph. D., which right now is feeling more like a brain dump of what I have read and learned about my guiding questions. As for this blog, I am hoping to use this as a space for my other thinking. It will explore most of everything that I engage in – running, bicycling, school, learning, dogs, camping, canoeing, reading, gardening, other blogs, education, etc. Hopefully, this blog will help me process all those other things that make up my life.



  1. Woohoo! Welcome to the wonderful wide world of worldwide wonders, Donnan! I look forward to reading and sharing what you write, and from continuing to learn from your wisdom and experiences. Thanks for jumping in this pool!

    1. Thank you for allowing an “administrator” to participate. It was great. I know it will take some practice but I am excited! Looking forward to a reunion!

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