Month: June 2014

The journey begins….

For a long time I have followed lots of other people’s blogs and dabbled in my own personal blog when I traveled to Rwanda for the past two years; now it is time for me to truly develop my own voice and share my voice, reflections, ideas, wonderings and just plain comments. Although I am excited to do this, I know that this is a public forum so I am a little scared to be so “out there”.

In my daily position, I do a lot of writing for the public but very little for me as a learner. Most of my reflective time occurs on my ride (either by car or bicycle) home, during running, stacking firewood, etc. So now I am venturing into the realm of being more public with my own thoughts and now who and what I represent. Scary as it is, I know that it is the right thing for me to do at this time.

I am in the process of writing my comprehensive exam as I work towards my Ph. D., which right now is feeling more like a brain dump of what I have read and learned about my guiding questions. As for this blog, I am hoping to use this as a space for my other thinking. It will explore most of everything that I engage in – running, bicycling, school, learning, dogs, camping, canoeing, reading, gardening, other blogs, education, etc. Hopefully, this blog will help me process all those other things that make up my life.